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"My sessions with Jenny have inspired me to explore and pursue my passions with more confidence and to be honest with myself about where I really want to go. Jenny's sessions are specially tailored to me and I feel like I get a custom and unique session every time we meet. Her ability to draw out my personal strengths, hopes and dreams has been the motivation I've been searching for as well as an opportunity to feel more grounded and connected to myself. She is incredibly gifted and full of wisdom."


"I love working with Jenny as she brings her natural gift of truth, light, healing and love to each session. Jenny has helped me to see areas of myself that need to be looked at, yet she shows it with compassion and understanding.  She holds me up as she delivers such poignant messages for me to see. Jenny is a true joy to work with and I am grateful for each amazing session with her."


"Jenny is such a clear seeing intuitive. She has a wide range of skills and the unique ability to touch on deep points with a light touch. She has brought through information about past lives and relatives on the other side. The details that Jenny brought through about my grandmother who had passed away were very specific, and the messages that she was able to pass along from her meant the world to me. Jenny is truly caring and compassionate, and I have felt safely guided and truly understood in my readings with her. I am so grateful for her insights and assistance in so many areas of my life!" 


"Jenny has a true gift and natural talent that she extends to her clients by sharing messages from our past lives. I felt immediately connected and comfortable with Jenny. She has a peacefulness and a heart that is completely open. Throughout the entire session, she gently navigates and provides clear explanations and understanding. I've spoken to other mediums and I've never had an experience quite like this before. Jenny delivered beautiful messages that provided me with guidance and healing to evolve. I was so happy with my experience that I've booked sessions as gifts for loved ones. Thank you Jenny!"


"At a crossroads, I went to Jenny to seek guidance and clarity in my career and love life.  After years of being single, and feeling lost trying to climb the corporate ladder, I wanted some perspective on the energy and choices that I was making that no longer served me.  Feeling defeated, my sessions with Jenny have brought me clarity, and guidance and with her coaching, she has supported me in crafting tools and applicable ways to bring the change I’ve so longed for into my life.  Her sessions have brought me calmness, and are incredibly knowledgeable.  I leave feeling empowered.  I can’t thank you enough Jenny for everything that you’ve taught me and I know this is just the beginning."


"When I first connected with Jenny, I trusted her immediately. Her heart is so open and I felt like I had known her forever. She’s the kind of person you feel relaxed and safe around - I believe that’s one of the most important qualities a healer can possess. I can tell her anything and she guides me with zero judgment. Jenny really gives pure guidance and her messages have supported me spiritually, emotionally and professionally. I’ve worked with many healers and guides in my life and anyone with a heart of gold like Jenny is the best kind and hard to come by. I have so much love and gratitude for her!"


"Jenny reads with such kindness and her intuition is spot on. One of the first things she told me was a scene from a past life, and my eyes welled. I immediately was able to see its connection with my current life situation and what I'm struggling with. She was great at identifying my limiting beliefs, patterns, and their sources - and was able to approach their heaviness with the light and positivity I needed. I'm grateful our paths have crossed!"


"Jenny, I can't thank you enough for sharing your gifts with me. Our talk filled me with joy. I have actually been dancing around my house-like that kind of joy! The memory you shared of me in my past life resonated with me deeply. And so did the visual you received of me as a girl with the music box. My most precious takeaway, however, was your advice about my stress with my career. You saw my existence itself as part of my career which is so true as I am dedicating myself to my family business, yet I wasn't seeing myself as "enough" - which now seems truly bizarre to me. Thanks for reminding me to have fun and not take myself so seriously! Sending so much gratitude and love!"


"Jenny is a talented intuitive who operates from the depth of her heart. She has provided me with clarity, reassurance and confidence along my journey. Connecting with Jenny is connecting directly with my soul. Her ability to communicate messages and provide guidance is amazing. She is a natural healer and leader. If you are looking for further exploration of your truest self or for guidance and clarity, Jenny is your person."


"I have received many psychic sessions over the years and I have to say that Jenny stood out. She's not only incredibly accurate and intuitive, she was able to communicate her words to me in a way that really stuck with me and left me feeling encouraged."


"Jenny is a delight to work with! Her intuitive insights and ability to tune into and express the messages she receives is amazing! It is spot on for what I need when I have a session with her! I would most definitely recommend Jenny for an intuitive’ll love what comes up, what you need to hear at that moment, from your spirit guides....and you’ll just love Jenny too! She is so wonderful!"


"I was looking for clarity and curious about being at a cross roads in my life, a fork in the road and in the middle. Jenny worked on seeing where I was at, assessing the path and also working like a guide; a type of counsel. She works with a human approach, not a 'matter-of-fact' style. Very calming and allows you to interpret and talk about what she sees, a very interactive experience. A highlight of my experience in working with Jenny is to trust your intuition, change is always a state of constant that you need to take part in. And don't worry so much, this is supposed to be happening for your learning and living. After working with Jenny I felt a new direction in my life."


"Jenny offered me valuable insight. I was very impressed by the vision she had of me, which turned out to be premonitory. I felt supported throughout the session, and the journal prompts she gave me were eye-opening. Thanks again Jenny!"


"Jenny has a true gift for tapping into higher guidance related to living our fullest expression, and she shares this information in the most gentle and non-judgemental way.  

I connected with Jenny for an intuitive reading with the intention of gaining clarity around specific areas of my life and relationships, and she delivered a detailed reading including past life information, mediumship, limiting beliefs, and more.  The imagery and impressions that Jenny shared were incredibly accurate and relevant, and helped to facilitate a deeper understanding of how I show up in the world - and more importantly, where I would be well served to make conscious changes.

Jenny's intuitive gifts and pure heart make for a truly magical experience, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her! "


"Jenny helped me find the courage and direction needed to push past career and personal blocks in a fun, energetic and deeply profound way. Peering into past lives and accurately describing events and personal visions. I left feeling uplighted with new clarity on how to move forward and more committed and connected to my path. Connecting with my past life was so enlightening and helped me to understand my current growth from a whole new level. Thank you Jenny, for your kindness, insight and perception! True visionary!"


"When I first met Jenny virtually, I was immediately drawn to her clear, vibrant and fun energy. There was an instant trust and I felt safe to be myself and ask any questions. During the session, Jenny picked up information on several aspects of myself from the past that were buried deep in my heart space. She was able to shed light on emotions and feelings that I was not able to find the right words to describe on my own. She has also helped me come to terms with re-framing some of the limiting beliefs that I have held onto over the years. I love how she shared some of her personal experiences/learning as well to help me reflect and process the messages that were coming through. It really felt like a conversation between good friends who are genuinely supportive and who respect each other's free will. I felt a sense of release and was able to gain more clarity from our session. Thank you Jenny for your presence, your light, you are so gifted!"


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