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With an ability to read energy, Jenny helps you activate your unique gifts and talents, shares wisdom on how to follow your heart and magnetize wellness, abundance, and opportunities through the fulfillment of living your purpose.


A little about Jenny's story here..

"I spent a decade working in the marketing and sales industry for creative brands from magazines to jewelry. During that time I felt unfulfilled and like something was missing. I had always taken a more practical path. These experiences led me to learn about business, people and relationships on many different levels. No part of what we learn along the way goes to waste.

​I came to a time around my saturn return where I began to question things which led me down a whole new road of reclaiming the parts of myself that I left behind. I've spent the past ten years studying various modalities from self development, coaching, astrology, and breathwork.


I recognized that a lot of what holds us back is our beliefs and conditioning from childhood. I always felt there was more to life than following the status quo and I love encouraging others to find their true north. 

I was born highly sensitive and intuitive. I wasn't encouraged to hone that ability and over time I shut it down to focus on living a "practical" life. Through the tragic loss of my aunt and beloved mentor when I was 24, to recently losing a friend and family member suddenly in 2022, I found myself coming back to mediumship with a deep knowing that I am meant to be of service to the spirit world. 

Our connection to our loved ones in spirit never dies, often this bond becomes stronger in the afterlife. 


My goal is to provide a soft place to land. Life can feel hard, and at times a difficult place to be - we may feel uncertain, unclear, and want to feel connected to something greater than ourselves. I am here to help you feel the strength that you have within and empower you to live your life to the fullest. 


I live in the South Okanagan in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with my husband and border collies Rooney and Willow. I enjoy expanding my mind and learning new things as I continue to invest in my studies. Nature is my church and having a good laugh is my medicine. "

My passion and curiosity have driven my studies in...

  • Compassionate Inquiry - Gabor Mate

  • Astrology through the Blue Rose Astrology School (Ireland)- Andrew Smith

  • Evidential Mediumship with renowned teachers:  Eileen Davies, Chris Drew, Andy Byng, Kay Reynolds, Lynn Probert,  Simone Key, Tony Stockwell & Joseph Shiel.

  • Usui Reiki Therapy

  • Trauma Informed

  • Breathwork Facilitation

  • Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming through Erickson International

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