Jenny is an intuitive guide, psychic medium, healer, breathwork facilitator,  astrologer, and space holder who is dedicated to guiding you back to the truth of who you are so that you can live a life that inspires you. 

I was born highly sensitive and psychic. Over time I dimmed down and suppressed these gifts. Over the past ten years I've been on a journey of returning home to myself. Through this process I followed my curiosities and learned many spiritual modalities which  helped facilitate my remembrance.


Mediumship is something that came natural to me in the beginning of my path, yet I pushed it down. Over the years it always found its way back to me. Through the loss of my aunt and beloved mentor when I was in my 20's, to recently losing a friend and family member tragically this past year I found myself coming back to mediumship with a deep knowing that I am meant to be of service to the spirit world. 

Our connection to our loved ones in spirit never dies, often this bond becomes stronger in the afterlife. 


My goal is to provide a soft place to land. Life can feel hard, and at times a difficult place to be. We may feel uncertain, unclear and want to feel connected to something greater than ourselves. What I know is that we are never alone on this path of growth. Our loved ones are with us and they're cheering us on. The life, the love, and beauty that they brought into our lives, even if it was for a moment, was precious and never dies..


Jenny lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with her husband and border collie. She enjoys learning new things and continues to invest in her studies. Nature is her church and she loves spending time outside with the trees, flowers, and sentient beings. Most of all, she finds beauty in simplicity. 

Mediumship Readings coming soon! ...

Jenny's passion and curiosity has driven her studies in...

  • Breathwork Facilitation

  • Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming through Erickson International

  • Compassionate Inquiry - Gabor Mate

  • Astrology through the Blue Rose Astrology Mystery School - Andrew Smith

  • Psychic Mediumship with teachers: Melissa White, Danielle Seranche, Chris Drew, Andy Byng, Kay Reynolds, Paul Jacobs, & Joseph Shiel.

  • Angelic Channeling with Shunanda Scott

  • Usui Reiki Therapy

  • Trauma Informed

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