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Spirit + Soul Readings

Jenny provides an opportunity to receive information and messages from your loved ones in spirit bringing through evidence that their love lives on. 

Group Workshops

Whether it be breathwork or a class on  honing your intuition, group workshops are facilitated by Jenny with a minimum of 6 participants. Gathering in community is a powerful force for healing.

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Jenny holds space and provides guidance to support you in times of transition and life challenges. These sessions are ideal for someone who is looking for coaching, and mentoring.


Astrology can be used to help us find harmony and gain clarity on who we truly are.  We will discover your personal psychology, your strengths, patterns and what you are working toward in this life. 


Breathwork is used to facilitate intentions, having the ability to draw in what you desire while releasing stuck energy and limiting beliefs from the physical, mental, and emotional body. ​

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