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Benefits of Breathwork:

  • Getting beyond the analytical mind.

  • Strengthening your intuition and connection to your higher self and higher insight.

  • Heart opening, feelings of expansion and inner peace.

  • Experiencing clarity and gratitude.

  • Clearing and healing of stored fear, trauma and limiting beliefs.

  • Grounding a busy mind.

  • Connection to loved ones that have transitioned.

  • Reduction of tension and stress.

  • Releasing feelings of anxiety and sadness.

  • Connection to your body while moving stuck energy.

  • Stimulates the vagus nerve and pituitary gland.

  • Activates our autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system

.. and much more





Please note that breathwork is not equivalent to therapy or proper medical consulation/therapy

What is Breathwork?


The Breathwork I teach is a three part conscious connected breathing technique. I will guide you as you breathe to a curated playlist of music. This practice is modernized pranayama which originated and has a long history in India. Breathwork effectively gets you out of your mind (ego) and back into your body.


I had my first breathwork experience in 2018, it changed my life. The plantar fasciitis that I was trying to heal through practical means left my body. I connected with past loved ones, and felt love so profoundly. After that, I knew I had to offer and hold space for those seeking to heal, transform and alchemize the unprocessed vault of emotions that we carry with us. 

Breathwork offers you the space for your thinking mind to shut off, and your brain to relax into presence and peace. I have found that it offers profound and transformational results for my clients. Breathwork can be used to facilitate your intentions, having the ability to draw in what you desire while releasing stuck energy and limiting beliefs from the physical, mental, and emotional body. 

Your 1:1 Breathwork Session Includes..

  • A consultation.

  • An explanation of the technique, intention setting, and meditation.

  • Approx. 30 minutes of Breathwork for releasing stuck energy + emotions to a curated playlist of music intuitively chosen for you. 

  • Post breath relaxation, and integration.


approx 75 mins 


Breathwork + Reading

This is an approx 120 min session. 
You will receive all of the above + a reading. 


"I had a beautiful experience and connected with my higher self during my session. I left knowing that I can always trust myself and I'm still receiving the benefits of the healing."
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