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Jenny is a down to earth and empathetic reader. She provides an opportunity to receive information and messages from your loved ones in spirit bringing through evidence that their love lives on. Sometimes these readings will be more mediumistic, at other times more intuitive and soul focused, or a blend of both - always trusting that what is needed in the moment will come through for you. These sessions are guided by spirit offering an opportunity for insight, clarity, and healing.

The best way to receive from your loved ones in spirit is to come with an open heart and mind. Even though we often want to hear from certain individuals, it is important to know that any one of your friends and family may come through to share messages with you.


To prepare for your reading please read instructions hereAll sessions are conducted over zoom worldwide. Please indicate your time zone in your email if you are outside of pacific standard time.  

To follow more of my journey with mediumship connect with me on instagram here.

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