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Whether it's a relationship to self, money, work, a friendship, family, parent, sibling, child, partner, colleague, or manager, these relationships make up our lives. They show us the shadow, the light, pain, frustration, love, and joy. They show us the way to understanding ourselves on a deeper level. 


The Relationships in our lives are here to help us grow and expand. 


What is a Reading like?

Jenny reads energy in the auric field and intuitively connects to your relationship with yourself, others, and the etheric. This session is for you if you desire to feel free and liberated and wish to deprogram any perceived limitations. Jenny sees where your energy is being leaked and drained and provides guidance to support you in clearing this energy. In this session we begin transforming beliefs, contracts, and programs that are no longer serving you. Each session is unique and tailored to you and your needs in the moment.

  • You will feel more clear and aligned as you begin dissipating the energy that is keeping you from manifesting your dreams.

  • You will feel empowered with both practical and energetic tools for grounding and creating boundaries to support yourself.

  • You will gain clarity on how to move forward with your higher timeline vision - the vision you have for your life.

Come with a willingness to discuss stuck energy or transitions in your life. Have a general intent to release that which no longer serves you. 



Go Deeper..

In follow up sessions where we can continue to work through the layers. If the focus is solely on understanding a relationship, and how to work with these energies in a conscious way, we can look at your synastry and composite natal charts through the use of Relationship Astrology:

Together in the Stars ✯​ Discovering what you're here to learn, grow and create together. ​

*Confidentiality is a respected part of this work.

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