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"Jenny creates a calmness and peace in an otherwise busy and chaotic time in our world. My astrology session with her was confirming and reassuring from every perspective in my life journey. It's so much more than information, it's about perspective and gaining a powerful message that creates beautiful meaning in your life. If you've ever been curious about astrology, or if you are an avid seeker this is so worth the time and value. You get it back triple fold in energy and meaning." 


In this session Jenny consults from her learnings from the Blue Rose School of Astrology in Ireland. The Blue Rose is similar to a Mystery School and views Astrology from a spiritual lens. This Astrology is different, forget the typical stereotypes you see in the memes on the internet. These sessions are meant to empower you on your journey and awaken the higher consciousness within you. This session is an in depth look at your natal chart, known as a blueprint for your soul, your gifts and talents. A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. Astrology can be used to help us find harmony and gain clarity on who we truly are.  We will discover your personal psychology, your strengths, patterns and what you are working toward in this life.  We will go over the fundamental aspects of your chart.


​This session is perfect for you if:​

  • You're feeling stuck and unsure of what the next steps are on your path and would like clarity around what you feel deep down you've come here to do looking into what your chart reveals about your career path and the environments and dynamics that work best for you.

  • You're ready to call in the life you desire and be inspired on your journey. 

  • You are ready to bring awareness to the wisdom that lies within you.


This session is to give you a better sense of yourself and your purpose through the exploration and discovery of the different archetypes that play out in your habits and life circumstances. 



*Please include your time and place of birth, date, month, and year upon booking. ​

These sessions are held via zoom, a personal link will be sent to your email prior to your booking. Sessions can be recorded upon request. Note that you can re-schedule at no fee within 48 hours. There is a 24 hour cancellation fee. If cancellations are made within 24 hours of the booking, no refund will be provided. 



"I've been working in the same industry for over 20 years and I was feeling stuck and afraid of change which is why I was interested in a virtual astrology session with Jenny. Besides knowing my sun sign I'm not too well versed in astrology however Jenny took the time to explain my birth chart in a way that I could understand and relate. She provided me with guidance, clarity and deeper understanding of who I am and where I should focus my energy and passions. It was an empowering session that has shed lights on my purpose and has inspired me to push forward in a new direction. I highly recommend a reading from Jenny if you're on a path of self discovery and looking to connect with yourself." 

—  M.P. | Vancouver

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