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How should I prepare for a session?

If there is something in your life you are seeking clarity on or would like guidance on (something that feels heavy in your life) it is helpful to hold that intention for clarity in your mind and heart prior to our session together. You may decide to write things down, this helps open you up energetically and our connection together strengthens during our session. Please come to your session with questions in mind on what you would like to receive guidance on. Have a general intent to heal and release that which no longer serves you. An example of an open ended question: "What is my greater lesson in this?"


I recommend grounding prior to a session, so that you may be fully present. You can do this by doing a meditation prior to our call and taking a few conscious breaths in and out. 

How is Astrology incorporated into the session?

If it is suitable for your experience Jenny may incorporate astrology into your session. Jenny is an astrologer that consults from her learnings from the Blue Rose School of Astrology in Ireland. The Blue Rose is similar to a Mystery School and views Astrology from a spiritual lens. This Astrology is different (forget the typical stereotypes you see in the memes on the internet.) Your natal chart is known as a blueprint for your soul, your gifts and talents. A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. Astrology can be used to help us find harmony and gain clarity on who we truly are.  We will discover your personal psychology, your strengths, patterns and what you are working toward in this life.  

Do I need my birth time for an Astrology Reading?

​The birth time provides the Ascendant (Rising sign), degrees of all planets and points for the house system. If you do not have access to your birth time you can contact the hospital that you were born at (Records Department) and they may be able to locate this information for you. If you do not have this information a soul coaching session can still be done and some of the energy in your astrology chart will still come forward including your moon sign without access to your birth time.

Do you tell my future in a session?


If psychic messages come through for your highest good and healing I will share those messages with you. In a Soul Reading, I will not predict your future. There are always potentials that may manifest in your life.  At the end of the day you make all of your own decisions and have free will. I do not give you the answers. What you will receive is confirmation, clarity, and/or guidance.  Trust that what comes through in the session is what you need at a soul level.​

Is there a difference between an in-person session and virtual session?​

No, there is no difference in quality between distance or in-person sessions, energy is omnipresent. I have done wonderful sessions for clients all over the world virtually. Your physical location (distance from my office) is not a factor as this work is energy based.


How do I access our online session?

A zoom link will be sent out prior to your booking. If you haven't received it within 24hrs of your booking please reach out to me and I will re-send the link. I recommend logging into the free app zoom 10 minutes prior to your session to ensure you are connected. If you chose to do the session via other means I will call/FaceTime/Skype you with the number, email or handle you provided in the booking form.


Are sessions recorded?

Sessions can be recorded on zoom please request if you would like it recorded prior to your booking.

You will receive an mp4 audio version of our session together. I do encourage clients to take notes during the session or post breathwork session.


How often do you recommend booking a session?

I leave this completely up to the individual as some are satisfied with one session and others desire more guidance and clarity along their journey. I also find that this can shift over time, sometimes more support is desired via one of my packages other times one session may suffice. 

What is the cancellation policy?

I understand that life happens, and you may need to cancel your appointment, but, I would ask that you please give me 48 hours notice to allow someone else to receive the session and I would be happy to re-schedule our time together. This is to ensure that both of our time is being valued. If less than 48 hours notice the full fee will apply. For Astrology clients it takes time to prepare your birth chart. You will receive an email reminder within 24 hours of our session together. 

What is Breathwork?

Please see Breathwork FAQ 

Does Jenny offer Workshops and Courses/Programs?

Please find more information here

**By scheduling a session with me, you understand I am not a medical doctor nor do I diagnose, treat or prevent any condition or advise you to alter or change any medications and always recommend you continue to see your doctor(s) a and medical professionals.

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