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What clients say about their readings:

"It was affirming!"

"I felt heard on a different level"

"I feel inspired"

"Aligned and grateful"


"Better than therapy"

Jenny connects with your soul essence, looking at your past, present and future potential with an intention to offer you validation, clarity and insight around your true expression, souls growth, strengths, gifts, and next steps. 

By tuning into your energy, Jenny identifies where your soul's qualities may be expressed, helping you to overcome current obstacles and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. If needed, Jenny opens the door for your loved ones in spirit to join these sessions.

Jenny is a down to earth and empathetic reader. ​This reading is soul focused and will connect you with who you truly are and support you with the guidance and practical tools to re-balance your spirit. Come to your reading with an open heart and mind. It is important to always trust that what is needed in the moment will come through for you. 

All sessions are conducted over zoom worldwide. Approx 50 mins.

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