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Relationship Healing

Whether it be your family or personal relationships this powerful session utilizes both psychic connection and astrology. Jenny will help you discover the energetic dynamics you hold with another in this lifetime. 

Through an understanding of the placements in your birth charts you will gain awareness around how to best communicate and hear eachother, how to support eachother emotionally,  how the person in your life expresses love, creativity and what they value in life. With this awareness comes a new sense of compassion and a deep understanding of your union and what you're here to accomplish together. Whether it be growth or healing, there is something to learn from every relationship in our life including the one to ourself. 

Jenny offers honest reflections to help you gain clarity and awareness to move forward. 

Live via Zoom. This is a 75 min session. $200 Cad. This session will require you to have the exact birth time, year and location for yourself/and or the other participant in a synastry reading.

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