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Are you searching to find your purpose?

Do you have self sabotaging behaviours?

Do you feel out of alignment with who you were always meant to be?

Are the relationships in your life repeatedly disappointing you? 

Do you feel disconnected in your life?

Are you slipping back into old thought patterns with a scarcity mindset, and not living to your full potential?

Do you wish you had a practical, deeper connection with something greater you could lean into?


As an Intuitive, Jenny has the ability to connect to your higher self, the core of who you are and reflect back to you your true power. You will feel seen on a deeper level.
Working with someone who can access intuitive information will give you reassurance, insight, and confidence on your journey.
You will gain a new understanding of yourself, your work, your gifts, and how to use these gifts to prosper.


There's something special about a private space where we can dive into whatever is needed, for that exciting next level shift!


Jenny will guide, mentor and activate you, in alignment with whatever it is you are wishing to expand into / shift / receive assistance with.


You don’t want to slip into out-dated habitual patterns. I will be there to support you through the changes, gently hold up the mirror, and provide accountability for your new way of living.

We will explore...

  • Internal blocks that arise.

  • Underlying subconscious connections that involve repetitive patterns (low self-esteem, relationship dynamics, poverty consciousness, emotional issues, unfulfilling relationships etc.)​

  • You will have the opportunity to reclaim the parts of your consciousness that have been programmed from society, your ancestral lines and past lives. 

  • Jenny will help you access and trust your own inner authority and personal sovereignty.

  • We will get to the root of why you’re not where you want to be and release it at the core.

This dedicated coaching and spiritual mentoring package may include:
  • Tailored Intuitive Guidance + Coaching

  • Guided Meditations

  • Voxer Support

  • Writing Prompts

  • Personalized Breathwork and Nervous System Tools

  • Intuitive Astrology

 Pricing coming soon! For more information place your email in the box below. 

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