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Heart Work

I believe one of the ways we will heal the planet is through self love. 

When we work through our limitations, step into higher awareness of our patterns and come home to ourselves we become magnetic.  

The universe conspires to support us.

Together in this multi-dimensional session we’ll be connecting to self love as a pathway to healing.

This session is an attunement for your soul.

We will be accessing healing through a channeled guided meditation journey, energetic clearing, light breathwork, and sound frequencies.


Unique to you, your session will include intuitive guidance or astrology depending on your needs. 

Our focus is to bring healing to the physical, emotional and spiritual elements of your whole self. 


Sessions are virtual, 60 mins

Fee:  $105 for November & December

How to prepare for your session:

Find a spot in your home that you're able to lay down comfortably in.  This should be a place that feels quiet and serene. It is requested that you create a sacred space for yourself  prior to your session. It is recommended to have a photo of yourself as a young child and if you'd also like to have some burning incense, light a candle, and have some sacred objects around you such as crystals, whatever feels natural to create a sacred space.  Audio only is recommended during the meditation and music healing portion. When you can relax and focus on your own experience, there is a greater capacity for healing.

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