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How to prepare for a spirit + soul reading:

1. Do not feed the medium.

I ask that you please refrain from providing any personal information before or during our session together. I ask that you hold any of your questions for the end of our session. 

2. Come with an open heart and mind.

This is the best way to receive from spirit. I recommend personally connecting with your loved ones in spirit and asking them to be with you for our session together. You may choose to write this down, call to them in your mind or ground yourself with breathwork or meditation before our time together. It's best to come to your session with no expectations, to then be surprised. 

3. I cannot guarantee which of your loved ones come to share messages with you.  

Even though we often want to hear from certain individuals, it is important to know Jenny has no control over the spirit world. Any and all friends and family members may come through.

4. The communication:

If you are expecting to hear a code word from your loved ones in spirit, do not be surprised if this does not happen in our time together. That's not how all mediumship works. If I personally don't have a reference for this in my repertoire, you may in face be let down by that expectation. Again, come with an open heart and mind.

You can certainly ask and we can see if they come through. It is important to note that just like us, spirit has free will. Sometimes it may not be the right time to talk to you, or there may be a spirit with a more pressing message to get to you.  We are not in control of the spirit world. So, yes, we can try to get through to your chosen loved one, but it is never a guarantee.

5. Understanding the information that I am offering to you:

With all readings, sometimes small portions of the information I bring forward won't make sense at the time. It is very common, however, you might understand the information within the next few days. So keep the information with you and be open to receiving and understanding after the reading is complete.

*If you genuinely cannot place any information or feel that we are not making any progress by 10 minutes into the reading, I will terminate the reading at that point and offer you a full refund. 

6. Jenny reserves the right to cancel your session at any moment.

If this is the case, you will be refunded the full amount of your session. 

7. Jenny does not predict your future.  

There are always potentials that may manifest in your life.  At the end of the day you make all of your own decisions and have free will. What you will receive is confirmation, clarity and/or guidance. 

8. How are sessions provided?

Sessions are done live via zoom, a link will be sent you prior to your booking. If you would like your session recorded pls notify Jenny prior to your session. She can give you access to record on your own computer.  

9. Please be in a quiet non-distracting place for your reading.


Instructions for payment and time zone information:

All sessions are in CAD dollars and in pacific standard time (PST) and can be done from anywhere in the world. Please be ready at your scheduled time. If you are late the time will not be made up.

You will receive a confirmation email upon booking. Please email with any questions.


Cancellation Policy:
I understand that life happens, and you may need to cancel your appointment, you may re-schedule your appointment free of charge, however, I would ask that you please give me 48 hrs notice, to allow someone else to receive the session. If less than 48 hrs notice, the full fee will apply. Sessions must be scheduled and paid for in advance. Sessions may be canceled with a 100% refund as long as written notice is given 48 hours in advance. Any session canceled without 48 hours notice is non-refundable. Packages are non-refundable. No shows will be charged the full session amount. A session is deemed a no show after 15 minutes of the start time.  

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