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Together in the Stars

Package 1:

2 x 1hr Astrology Reading - private session with each person separately so that I as the reader can gain a sense of the person and they can get to know themselves on an individual basis

Synastry Chart reading 1x 1hr together

Couples Breathwork 

Investment: 725

Package 2:


2 x Astrology Readings - each person will receive a mini reading of their personal chart so that they can better understand

themselves and their partner individually. 


A brief description of what a natal chart is and what it offers:

Your natal chart is known as a blueprint for your soul, your gifts and talents. A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. Astrology can be used to help us find harmony and gain clarity on who we truly are. We will discover your personal psychology, your strengths, patterns and what you are working toward in this life.  We will go over the fundamental aspects of your chart.

Synastry Chart Reading 1x 1hr together - "Together in the Stars" - This is when we look at how your natal charts interact with eachother. 

This is a deep dive at your soul contract together.


You will discover:

  • Your partners love language

  • How you best communicate and hear each other

  • How you can support each other emotionally

  • What generates joy and deep intimacy within the relationship and more..

Followed by..


Couples Breathwork-

The Breathwork Session:

1. Begins with a consultation, an explanation of the technique, intention setting, and a short grounding practice.

2. 30 minutes of Breathwork. ​

3. Post breath relaxation. 

Total: $300

approx. 3hrs 15mins

Investment: 500

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