The Session

Jenny will hold space and provide guidance to support you in times of transition and life challenges. Each session is to be fully aligned with your highest timeline. The intuitive guidance you will receive will be non-judgemental, validating re-affirming and uplifting. Each session will leave you feeling connected and deeply understood.  

This session is for someone who is..

  • Seeking clarity and inspiration as you move through life's challenges.

  • Is searching for something different than traditional therapy and is interested in general mentorship/coaching. 

  • Wanting to connect to, and learn how to trust your own innate intuition.

  • Navigating your purpose and looking for clarity on next steps.

You will walk away with practical and energetic tools to support you moving forward. All Sessions are conducted live via Zoom. 60 minutes. These sessions may include Astrology please include your exact time of birth upon booking. 

"Jenny's ability to draw out my personal strengths, hopes and dreams has been the motivation I've been searching for as well as an opportunity to feel more grounded and connected to myself. She is incredibly gifted and full of wisdom." -S.B.



"I love working with Jenny as she brings her natural gift of truth, light, healing and love to each session. Jenny has helped me to see areas of myself that need to be looked at, yet she shows it with compassion and understanding. Jenny is a true joy to work with and I am grateful for each amazing session with her."  - Aimee

If you are interested in COACHING or MENTORING Please contact Jenny for more information here: